#1: Coucou Suzette


We discover her on Instagram (thanks social network) and it was love at first sight ! Her world is really unique. Something special with this artist is that when you do not feel on top, and you had a bad day (we all know that) her creation will make your smile come back. With a  pins on your coat or a patch placed on your top you will have something small but remarkable ! 


All this pop colors will seduce every single girl that loves to have an original piece on her dress code. Moreover what we loved as female entrepreneur is that we felt the girl power this designer has. She spread love, kiss,peace, eyes, heart and...tits !! A girl with imagination, ambition and dream thats what we loved about her!


Prices are starting from 3€ then no more hesitation if you are looking for a funny gift for christmas.


Wait it is not over ! Let's discover the short interview with had with her  just after the pics

What can you tell us about your career before your brand creation ? 

i have been studing illustration for 5 years at ENSAD in Paris and in a school Art in Tokyo where i fell in love with their taste for kitsch. I always loved to draw about women. One day I drew a tits shaped rings and i had so many positives opinion when i posted it on Instagram that I decided to start selling them! 

Until there, i am a lucky person, my brand is well developing. My best sellers are "the blue eyed pins" and "the hand-heart pins"

Why this funny brand "Coucou Suzette"? 

I wanted to have a name that sound french, feminine and a bit off the wall ! 

How would you describe your world? 

I would say that it is a combinaison of kitsch, pop art and "girl power". A lot of colors, quite feminine without being too much girl (well i hope) and a bit funny ! 

Where do you get your inspiration? 

I read lot of comic book and i love colored tint area illustrations hooped with black just as my pins are, little 3D illustrations inspired by Pop Art. I love Takayo Kiyota 's work , the makizsushis artist. 

What are your future plans? 

I have just finished to design a limited collection for a french brand available soon ! Also I started to vary in my creations as i am launching a collection of foulard with patterns and i am working on a jewels collection and colored enamel. Moreover my brand is still developing on the international stage, my creations are already available in France, Italie, United States but soon in Corea ! 

A last tricky question: What do you think about BBR BOX ? 

The idea of the advent calendar is wonderful! And i think in those time it is a great project to promote french creation and stay united. 

Thank you Juliette for everything !

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