#9 Poivre de Cassis


Today we choose to put forward an original producer to make your christmas meal more tasty!  

The blackcurrant pepper is a creation of the « Association des Producteurs de Cassis de Bourgogne » that proves us that blackcurrant is not just used in the preparation of jams or crème de cassis. The blackcurrant is also the very aromatic bud, requested by the perfumery for a long time and now by the gastronomy.


 Blackcurrant producers have discovered this new spice, the blackcurrant pepper, drying the buds before reducing it to powder.


"Its flavor is both woody and fruity. It can be used interchangeably in sweet and savory products, "commented Vincent Bertrand, producer in the Châtillonnais and president of the cooperative Coteaux Burgundians.

Top chefs, always looking for new flavours, already use this blackcurrant pepper! This blackcurrant pepper is also the winner of the SIAL Innovation 2012 label.


This spice allows you to give an original touch to your meals and is also a very good spice for health since it contains antioxidant molecules: vitamin C and polyphenols in particular.

Their website gives you lots of information about the history of the blackcurrant, its culture and its production but also a host of delicious recipes!


We especially want to taste the scallops with blackcurrant pepper or the roast foie gras of duck flavoured with blackcurrant pepper! All these recipes give you good ideas for the Christmas holidays!

We have already tasted for you applesauce with blackcurrant pepper and the judgment is final, it cannot be appealed: it's delicious!


It is really an original spice, 100% French, that enhances the taste of your meals! We really suggest you taste it, you will not be disappointed!

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