#15 Little Madame


Carole is a Parisian attracted by fashion, decoration and jewelery. Good with her hands, she decided to launch her project in 2011 after having made another trip to Marrakech, during strolls in the souks, tanneries, discoveries of small artisans.

She decides to call her brand little madame simply because she is very small, we find that really cute!



What are the products of little madame? especially leather objets but also suede and lace made in her home in Paris. The key piece is the bracelet / cuff, to wear during the day, evening according to your desires ... And there are some studded, fringed with rhinestones, with peas, with lace. In short, you have lots of choices !! What we loved about this brand is the color choice you have, that is so nice! 


There are also rings, brooches, hair jewelry, tote bags and objects have always a small knot shape.

They are really original objects, you are sure to please by offering it to a loved one or even to yourself!


Visit:  www.littlemadame.fr!!!!!

Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about your background?

I am Carole, from Paris, mother of a little Romane of 15 months, I created the brand Little Madame 4 years ago in parallel with my job in insurance, with the encouragement of my love. The name was found easily because I  am a mini size

Since 1 December 2015, I only do “little madame”, a big challenge! 


Where do you find your inspiration?

During my trips to Marrakech and in current trends


What role does the leather have in your work?

Leather is the main element of my work, I love this noble material, soft, and comfortable to wear`


What is your most iconic creation of your universe? 

Without any  hesitation the bracelet / cuff , the black one is the most sold


What is your wildest dream about Little Madame?

Now that is my main activity, I will do everything so that it develops, find distributors, make nice collab '

That all women have one Little Madme objet!!!


And last tricky question :) What do you think BBR BOX project?

Your concept is very good, for the creators and French manufacturing, it is very important

And this form of the Advent Calendar is an original idea.

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