#23 Manono


Manono is a very young brand of cosmetics for the bath created in past September. Manono aims to combine quality and pleasure for a precious moment of relaxation that much of us love : lounging in a bath of water and taking care for our skin! The brand that we discovered during the "Bande de créateurs" show  in Paris offers a wide range of solid soap.



We chose to highlight these products simply because behind these little colored squares hide a genuine knowledge !! Indeed Manono family decided to hire an artisan of their regions in the south of France (the Bouches du Rhone) to make their soap. Everything is based on natural and organic products: plant extracts, vegetable oils and essential oils !! The soap is made thanks to the "cold" method  which has the advantage of preserving the qualities of natural oils and produces a very soft skin soap, and environmentally friendly.


With Manono you know exactly how are produce the soaps!


Why we love this brand ? Because there is a complete choice !! You will find a lot of unexpected flavor. We felt some of these soaps and GOD it smells really good !! The colorful packs are great and it always puts us in a good mood ! For the record, the designers have used an engraver from Marseille to work the style and aestheticism of their soap which gives a  modern, refined and elegant result!



Finally, from green tea, Chinese cinnamon, to lychee or lavender of Provence you'll find whatever you are looking for then go ahead on manono.fr

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